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Maltese Husky Mix (Complete Breed Profile)

If you have a Husky or a Maltese, you probably already know how great they are! These dogs are not only adorable and friendly but also energetic, loving, and loyal! What would happen if you were to mix these two unique breeds into one dog?

Not a lot of people have heard of or seen a Maltese Husky mix, but believe me, they’re out there! Even though they are extremely rare, this mixed dog has all of the special characteristics and traits that make both of these breeds so great.

If you are interested in learning more about the unique characteristics of this mixed breed, then keep reading!

What is a Maltese Husky Mix? / What are they called?

Not a lot of people have heard of a Maltese Husky mix. When thinking about it, mixing the two is a very interesting combination.

The Maltese Husky is a combination of both the Maltese and the Husky, oftentimes called the “Maltsky.” They are a very interesting breed that you don’t hear about often. However, once you do hear of this adorable pup, you will want to know more!

Standard practices are usually not used when breeding this dog because of the two dogs’ differences in size.

Because artificial insemination is so expensive and the success rates are low, not a lot of Maltese Huskies exist, they are very rare! A few have come from accidental litters when a male Maltese is able to mount a female Husky if she is lying down.

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If you come across one of these mixed pups, you may notice they possess certain traits from both breeds.

History of the Maltsky

People who own Maltese or Huskies are sometimes unaware of where their dog originally came from. This can become even more confusing when met with a Maltese Husky mix, which just became popular in recent years.

Both of these dogs originate from interesting backgrounds and were previously used for many different tasks or even for their symbolic purposes.

Maltese is guessed to come from the most ancient of dog breeds that have been around for over 8,000 years. But really they go so far back that there’s quite a bit of debate around the exact timeline. 

Maltese come from the island Malta in the Mediterranean. With their pure while coasts, they became royal lapdogs.

The Husky is more of a working dog compared to the Maltese. They originated in Siberia and were used for many tasks such as transporting food, pulling sleds, and accompanying hunters.

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Even in the present day, Maltese are known for being companion dogs who love to lay around on their owner’s lap and huskies are still being used to pull sleds — seems like not a lot has changed!

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A Maltese Husky mix is extra unique seeing as these two breeds were very different in their history! A Maltese Husky mix may be more of a watchdog than a guard dog or the other way around, depending on which traits from each breed they possess more of!

What does a Maltsky look like?

Mixing a Maltese and a Husky can make an interesting-looking dog; however, you will never know what they will look or act like until they are born!

By mixing these two breeds, the result may be a dog that is more like a Maltese, more like a Husky, or a perfect combination of both! You may have a pup that resembles a larger Maltese, or a smaller Husky!

Maltese and Huskies can have similar color patterns that include white, black, and copper/tan; they can also have a mix of colors! One of the most common color patterns in both Maltese and Huskies is black and white. They also both have a double coat that is very soft!

A lot of Maltskies will look similar to a smaller husky with longer, fluffier fur like a Maltese. They will often possess the striking eyes of a Husky as well, seeing as their eyes are a very dominant trait.

It is a guessing game when it comes to what a Maltese Husky mix will look like as it grows. They could end up looking a lot like a Husky with a few minor Maltese characteristics, or they could look like a Maltese with slight Husky characteristics, there are so many possibilities!

How tall is a Maltese Husky / how much do they weigh?

Seeing as a Maltese Husky could inherit from either breed, there is a wide range of height and weight that a Maltsky mix might be.

A Maltsky will typically grow anywhere between 8—18 inches tall and can range between 10–50 pounds.

The Maltese is a petite and tiny dog. Typically measuring between 8–11 inches in height and weighing between 9–16 pounds. They have long white hair with large dark eyes and hanging ears.

The Husky is a solidly built dog. They are very muscular and compact, typically longer than tall. They normally range between 20–24 inches tall and weigh between 25–60 pounds. Their wolf-like appearance is very unique with eyes vibrant in blue, brown, or oftentimes bi-colored! They also have triangular ears and bushy tails!

Maltese Husky Mix Temperament

Both of these adorable dog breeds are known for their interesting personalities. When mixing the two breeds it is oftentimes a surprise to owners how their dogs will behave.

A Maltese Husky mix is typically a very well-behaved dog. This breed may be more prone to separation anxiety, they will need to be extensively socialized as a puppy. They also have a lot of energy! While this is good, it can sometimes lead to trouble!

Huskies are already known for their great ability to escape enclosed spaces, pair that with Maltese playfulness and small size, and you might be met with a dog who loves escaping from the backyard!

Both Maltese and Huskies are also very clingy, longing for constant companionship. They are both known for suffering from separation anxiety and will become stressed when they are separated from their owner.

Both breeds also tend to have tons of energy. Huskies especially require a lot of exercise; this along with separation anxiety may become an issue if you have to leave your pup alone for long periods of time.

Here are some other temperament characteristics of Maltese and Huskies:


As you can see from the chart, both of these breeds have similar temperaments. This is great when considering a Maltese Husky mix, you can have a mixture of all the great personality traits that make both Maltese and Huskies so unique!

Maltsky Pros & Cons

Like most other dogs, the Maltsky has both positive and negative traits.

Thankfully, the Maltese and Husky both share a lot of the same traits so there won’t be any crazy surprises when faced with the negative traits of this mixed dog.

Here are some of the positives and negatives that owners of Maltese Huskies are faced with:


  • Long life
  • Good with humans
  • Loyal
  • Loving
  • Beautiful fur coloring
  • Don’t tend to get into too much trouble
  • Independent


  • Prone to separation anxiety
  • High shedding/High maintenance grooming
  • Difficult to train
  • Overheat easily in certain weather
  • Expert at escaping closed spaces

Do Maltskies have health problems?

A lot of people who are interested in Maltese Huskies wonder if they are prone to any health issues.

Both Maltese and Huskies have certain health complications that are popular among their breeds. This can become a problem when mixing the two breeds because then the pup could be faced with complications coming from both sides.

Maltese are at risk for heart disease, cancer, hip, and elbow dysplasia. They also have such tiny mouths that make dental care difficult.

Huskies on the other hand are most at risk for issues such as diabetes, cancer, and genetic diseases. One common genetic disease is called “follicular dysplasia” which can cause major hair loss.

Both breeds share the risk of the same health issues such as eye disease, allergies, hip problems, and arthritis. A Maltese Husky mix may run an even higher risk of developing these troubles because they would be getting it from both sides.

Thankfully, both breeds tend to live long lives. A Maltese’s average life span is between 10–16 years and Huskie’s average life span is between 12–15 years. As long as your pup is taken care of properly, and not at risk for certain health problems, they should be around for a long time!

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There are certain steps you can take to ensure that your Maltese Husky stays in good health. One major step is to ensure that your pup receives a high-quality diet, specifically with meat protein which can help their overall health and lessen their risk for hip problems.

Tip: Beware to not overfeed your Maltese Husky. Causing them to become overweight may heighten their risk for hip problems.

How to train a Maltese Husky Mix

Both Maltese and Huskies are known for being difficult to train. As long as you start them early, there should be a lesser chance of them not being trained successfully.

Multiple training methods can be used for a Maltese Husky mix. People like to use different methods to get certain results from their pup. Some training methods include crate training, clicker training, and positive reinforcement training (where the dog is rewarded for good behavior).

Since both breeds are very strong-willed, independent, and even stubborn when it comes to training, it may be even harder to train a Maltese Husky mix. One of the most important first steps in training is to potty train!

Tip: Try training your pup in shorter sessions, this will prevent them from getting bored and giving up.

Huskies specifically are known to become destructive when left alone for long periods of time. Training them can be very beneficial to avoid any unwanted messes or broken belongings.

It is also a good idea to train your pup for social situations. This is typically easy for a Maltese Husky because they are so friendly and love to meet people! Like other breeds, it is important to introduce your pup to socializing early, this can help any anxiety they may feel when put into social situations.

Giving praise and reward is important when training your Maltese Husky. Like any other dog, they are more likely to behave and train well if they know they will be receiving a reward for their efforts.

How to Groom a Maltese Husky Mix

Both Maltese and Huskies have double coats and thick fur. Whether your mixed dog possesses Maltese fur (longer hair), or Husky fur (shorter hair), they will require medium to high grooming either way.

To groom a Maltese Husky, you will want to have products that work for your pup and their specific fur type, along with specific tools (brushes, trimmers, etc.).  

The Maltese Husky does shed a lot, it is important to brush them consistently to make sure no tangles occur. It is typically a good idea to brush them at least 1–2 times a week or 3 times a week if they have longer fur.

Like all other dog breeds, it is also important to keep a Maltese Huskies ears, teeth, and nails in good condition to ensure they are happy and healthy!

What is the price of a Maltsky?

In most cases, pure-bred dogs are more expensive than mixed dogs. However, since the Maltese Husky mix can be very difficult to find, especially if you are seeking out a breeder to create a special litter, it will likely be more expensive.

Normally Maltese puppies can cost anywhere between $600-$1200, Huskies are less common and typically pricier and can cost between $500–$3,000. Expect to pay on the high end for a mix unless you can find it at a rescue or shelter.  

Where to find a Maltese Husky mix puppy for sale?

Finding this mixed breed is very difficult. Most often when you find these two breeds mixed it is from an accidental litter. As mixed breeds are becoming more and more popular however it is getting somewhat easier to find them.

The best way to find a Maltese Husky mix is to find a breeder that breeds both and request the mixed breed litter. Some breeders may be willing, some may not. This mixed breed is not one that is desired by many people so it will most likely never become as popular as a mixed breed like the Maltipoo or the Huskypomeranian.

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