About Me

Hi, I’m Mrs. Jen, (at least that’s what my students call me)
I am a teacher, blog writer, and pet enthusiast!

I started this blog as a way to help you with your new pet as well as to help my students and myself to continually learn the best ways to take care of and connect with their dog.

I love to talk to real-life owners about insider tips and strategies that work for them. Doing this helps me bring the most practical useful tips to you.

I’m also intensely passionate about raising and taking care of small breed dogs! I’ve owned small breed dogs most of my life. It’s been my obsession to learn all I can about how to train them and care for them in a positive and loving way. I’m constantly learning more and I’m working on becoming a licensed dog trainer.

Not much in life can get better than combining two things you absolutely love, (teaching and puppies) and that’s why I want to teach all about our amazing furry friends!

My Dog Bear!

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Reviews for my classes:

The BEST online course my daughter has taken! Mrs. Jen was sensational. She connected with each and every student in a positive and encouraging way. Highly recommend! – Kelly W.

We are adopting a puppy in a few days, so the timing of this class was perfect! My daughter is 9 and really enjoyed the tips and information shared by Mrs. Jen. She definitely feels more prepared for our new puppy after having taken this class. Wendy N.

Picture from our latest drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway!

When I’m not spending my time teaching, training my dog, or writing then you can find me hanging out with my family. My husband and I have been married for 16 years, and have 4 beautiful daughters.

We love to cook together, play games, and explore the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia where we live.