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Malinois Border Collie Mix (Comparison & Breed Profile)

If you have a Belgian Malinois or a Border Collie, you probably already know what amazing hard-working dogs they are! These two breeds are not only incredibly smart but also energetic, loving, and loyal! What would happen if you were to mix these two unique breeds into one dog?

Not a lot of people have heard of or seen a Malinois Border Collie mix but they are out there! Although they are rare, we have talked with several owners to learn more about them. A Belgian Malinois Border Collie mix is high energy, and very smart. Mixing these two breeds is not always a great idea. This mix can be aggressive, protective, and defensive.

It takes a dedicated owner that is willing to spend time training and loving this breed to have a successful experience. In general, this breed is only created from an accidental litter or when there is a specific purpose in mind for this mix.

If you are interested in learning more about the unique characteristics of this mixed breed, then keep reading!

What is a Malinois Border Collie Mix? / What are they Called?

Not a lot of people have heard of a Malinois Border Collie Mix. This is because it is generally not a great idea to mix the two different characteristics of these breeds. On their own they are wonderful, but mixed together their dominant traits can be a bit of a gamble.

Because this mixed breed is so rare there isn’t a consensus on the combined name generally they are referred to as Malinois Border Collie Mix, but may also be called Malinois Collie mix or Belgian Shepherd Collie Mix.

History of the Malinois Border Collie Mix

People who own a Malinois Border Collie Mix are sometimes unaware of where their pup originally came from. Because this breed is very rarely combined on purpose often the mix of these two will come from an accidental litter.

This crossbreed doesn’t have a lot of history to it as it isn’t currently a popular crossbreed to have.

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It is also a little more common to have a Belgian Malinois, Border Collie and other breeds mixed together such as an Australian Shepherd or Springer Spaniel. This would mean that depending on the lineage of the dog they will have more of one breed than two others.

History of the Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois began in Europe (Belgium) being popularly bred as livestock and herding dogs. The focus on breeding them was to create a very strong and high-performing working dog.

They first arrived in America in the early 1900s and were used as military dogs in WWI, but after that, the breed died out a little. A focus on bringing them back in the late 50s resulted in them becoming popular again in the 1960s.

Malinois historically have been bred to do a high energy high demanding job. They are known as tireless workers in herding livestock, but in the last 60 years have been used in many different occupations and activities.

Some of the work Malinois do today includes being trained police and military dogs. They are also trained as search and rescue dogs and drug detection dogs. Because of their high drive, desire to obey, protective instincts, and trainability, these dogs are highly sought after by these agencies.

​Fun Fact: Belgian Malinois are used to protect and patrol the white house grounds.

Chess Dog 300 x 600

History of the Border Collie

The Border Collie originates from Scotland where it was developed to be a sheep herder’s dream dog. From the color of their coat to the swiftness in running across the field every feature of this beautiful dog was carefully bred for many years to obtain the perfect dog to work on a farm.

In the 20th century there became more of a separation between that of a show collie and a working collie.

Border Collie Malinois Mix Temperament

Some dog owners and breeders who have experience with both Belgian Malinois and Border Collies agree that mixing the two is not likely to produce the desired outcome.

Both the Belgian Malinois and the Border Collie have very strong personalities and behavior tendencies. Combing the two together can result in a very complex personality. The dog may have many domineering traits and feel conflicted on how to handle them which can result in neurotic and hard to control behaviors.

This is Gus! Thank you Larissa S. for use of your photo!

One owner I talked to had the opposite experience. Her dog Gus, is a hero who saved one of her kittens from a coyote. Gus is half Malinois 1/4 Border Collie & 1/4 Australian Shepard.

He’s the best dog! He’s so smart & so goofy at the same time. He recently saved one of our kittens lives so we call him a hero. A coyote came into our backyard & grabbed our little kitten by the face & took off running, Gus heard the commotion & chased the coyote until it dropped the kitten. He’s our hero dog.

Larissa S.

Another dog owner shared her experience with her Border Collie Belgian Malinois mix. They got their dog from a breeder that was not truthful about his pedigree. She says that for her the combination has been very challenging.
Her dog always needs to have a job to do. They have spent thousands of dollars on obedience and behavioral training. He also takes medication to help curb the hyper-vigilant neurotic behaviors he displays.

The bottom line is it is unpredictable when breeding these two together because you have two dogs with very high drives that compete with each other. This can make for a very confused and conflicted dog.

Both of these dog breeds are known for their high energy high work ethic personalities. When mixing the two breeds it is oftentimes a surprise to owners how their pups will behave.

Here are some other temperament characteristics of Malinois and Border Collies:

Belgian Malinois
Border Collie
High Energy
High Work Ethic

When getting any dog it is important to do your research on its genetics and family line. Especially with the Malinois, there are certain lines that have been bred to the extreme to have a mean or aggressive temperament.

Border Collies too can have issues with being extremely timid or shy and having anxiety around other animals or humans. Mixing these two together would be disastrous!

Both the Belgian Malinois and Border Collies can make great family companions given the right environment socialization and training.

Many people in North America and Europe keep both these breeds in their homes as family pets. It should be understood however both these dog breeds need a lot of exercise, structure, and mental stimulation.

What Does a Border Collie Malinois Mix Look Like?

Mixing a Malinois and a Collie can make an interesting-looking pup; however, you will never know what they will look or act like until they are born!

By mixing these two breeds, the result may be a dog that is more like a Border Collie, more like a Malinois, or a combination of both! You will generally see a medium to large-sized dog with a medium double coat of hair.

Photo Credit Emerita H.

Malinois and Border Collies can have similar color patterns that include white, black, and copper/tan; they can also have a mix of colors! One of the most common color patterns in both Border Collies and Malinois is black and white. They also both have a double coat that is very soft!

Thank you Larissa S. for use of your photo!

It is a guessing game when it comes to what a Malinois Collie mix will look like as it grows. They could end up looking a lot like a Malinois with a few minor Collie characteristics, or they could look like a Collie with slight Malinois characteristics, there are so many possibilities!

This Malinois Border Collie Mix also has some Cocker Spaniel in it.

How Tall is a Malinois Border Collie / How Much Do They Weigh?

The Belgian Malinois is a slightly taller and heavier build than a Collie. It also tends to be more musculature. A mix can inherit a wide range of characteristics. A Malinois Collie mix will typically grow anywhere between 19-26 inches tall and can range between 31-75 pounds.

A Border Collie tends to be a lean medium size dog with a thick fluffy double coat. Border Collies can range in height from 18-22 inches and weight from 31-44 pounds. They have shorter snouts than the Malinois and generally have prick or floppy ears.

The Malinois is also a solidly built dog. They are very tall and muscular. They normally range between 22–26 inches tall and weigh between 55–75 pounds. They sometimes have an appearance that seems similar to a German Shepherd.

Malinois Border Collie Pros & Cons

Like most other dogs, the Malinois and Border Collie have both positive and negative traits.

Because of the high protective drive of the Malinois and the very dominant herding traits in the Border Collie this mixed breed could be quite unpredictable and not the best of both breeds mixed together.

Here are some of the positives and negatives that owners of Malinois Border Collies are faced with:


  • Athletic
  • Energetic
  • Hard Working
  • Protective
  • Learns quickly
  • Low Maintenance Grooming


  • Beahior problems
  • Need extensive socialization
  • Needs constant training/entertaining
  • May have neurotic tendancies
  • Endless energy
  • Large and hard to handle
  • Expert at escaping closed spaces

Do Malinois Border Collies Have Health Problems?

A lot of people who are interested in Malinois and Border Collies wonder if they are prone to any health issues.

Both Malinois and Border Collies are relatively healthy breeds. They do both suffer from similar issues such as hip and elbow dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, and hemangiosarcoma. This can become a problem when mixing the two breeds because then the pup could be faced with complications coming from both sides.

Tip: It is a good idea to run your hands over your dog frequently to check for any unusual lumps that could be cancerous.

What is the Lifespan of a Malinois Border Collie Mix?

Thankfully, both breeds tend to live long lives. Border Collie’s average life span is between 10–17 years and Belgian Malinois’s average life span is between 10–14 years. As long as your pup is taken care of properly, and not at risk for certain health problems, they should be around for a long time!

There are certain steps you can take to ensure that your dog stays in good health. One major step is to ensure that your pup receives a high-quality diet, specifically with meat protein which can help their overall health and lessen their risk for hip problems.

Tip: Beware to not overfeed your dog. Causing them to become overweight may heighten their risk for hip problems.

How to Train a Malinois Border Collie Mix

This undoubtedly will be the most challenging part of owning this breed. Training and socialization should be sought early and throughout the dog’s life.

Multiple training methods can be used for a Malinois Border Collie Mix. People like to use different methods to get certain results from their dogs. Some training methods include crate training, clicker training, and positive reinforcement training (where the dog is rewarded for good behavior).

Since both breeds are very strong-willed, high energy, and very smart when it comes to training, it may be easy to get basic training established, but if it gets bored or has too much idle time on its paws your dog will get into trouble and be very destructive.

Tip: Try using multiple types of training programs. Get help from professional trainers, use fun brain training programs, join Facebook groups to get dog training and enrichment ideas.

Trying out a fun training program together like this widely popular program Brain Training for Dogs can help unlock your dog’s hidden potential and help them learn how to avoid problem behaviors.

Both Malinois Border Collies are known to become destructive when left alone for long periods of time. Training them can be very beneficial to avoid any unwanted messes or broken belongings.

It is essential to train your dog for social situations. This may be challenging for this mixed breed depending on the characteristics they inherited from their parents they may not love to be around other people or animals.

There is also a danger for this breed to have a high prey drive. If you are not planning to use this dog for hunting or protection then you will need to train this out of them as well, but be aware that may not be possible.

Like other breeds, it is important to introduce your dog to socializing early, this can help any anxiety they may feel when put into social situations.

Giving praise and reward is important when training your Malinois Border Collies. Like any other dog, they are more likely to behave and train well if they know they will be receiving a reward for their efforts.

How to Groom a Malinois Border Collie Mix

This mixed breed is fairly low maintenance when it comes to grooming. A good bath and brush every 4-6 weeks should be enough to keep your dog looking nice.

Border collies have two types of coats rough and smooth and Malinois typically have a short smooth coat. Chances are likely that a mix will have a shorter double coat of hair.

Shaving Your Border Collie (Is It Ever Ok?)

Malinois Border Collies will shed but are average when it comes to the amount. They will have 2 high shedding times a year when they blow their coat.

To groom a Malinois Border Collie, you will want to have products that work for your dog and their specific fur type, along with specific tools (brushes, trimmers, etc.).  

If the mix inherited the longer coat from a Border Collie, it is important to brush them consistently to make sure no tangles occur. It is typically a good idea to brush them at least 1–2 times a week or 3 times a week if they have longer fur.

Like all other dog breeds, it is also important to keep Malinois Border Collie’s ears, teeth, and nails in good condition to ensure they are happy and healthy!

What is the Price of a Malinois Border Collie Mix?

In most cases, pure-bred dogs are more expensive than mixed dogs. However, since the Malinois Border Collie can be very difficult to find if you are seeking out a breeder to create a special litter in order to get this mixed breed it will likely be more expensive.

Normally Border Collie puppies can cost anywhere between $600-$1200, Belgian Malinois are less common and typically pricier and can cost between $500–$3,000. Expect to pay on the high end for a mix unless you can find it at a rescue or shelter.  

Where to Find a Malinois Border Collie Mix Puppy for Sale?

Finding this mixed breed is very difficult. Most often when you find these two breeds mixed it is from an accidental litter. As mixed breeds are becoming more and more popular however it is getting somewhat easier to find them.

The best way to find a Malinois Border Collie mix is to find a breeder that breeds both and request the mixed breed litter. Some breeders may be willing, some may not. This mixed breed is not one that is desired by many people so it will most likely never become as popular as a mixed breed like the Cockapoo or the Bordoodle.

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