Cocker Spaniel Pitbull Mix (Breed Profile)

Dog owners who have a Cocker Spaniel or a Pitbull know these pups are both adorable and great companions. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed these two breeds into one dog? How would they behave and what would they look like?  

The Cocker Spaniel Pitbull mix, also called “Cockerpit” or “Pitbull Cocker” is a breed that has been bred by accident in the past but has recently become more popular. This pup is a combination of both breeds traits and characteristics.

Seeing as this dog is a mix of two unique breeds, a pup could develop more traits from one breed or the other or even a mixture of both! If you are interested to learn more about the Cocker Spaniel Pitbull, then keep reading!

History of the Cocker Spaniel Pitbull

Cocker Spaniel and Pitbull breeds come from different backgrounds in history. This is interesting to consider when looking at a Cocker Spaniel Pitbull mix.

Although both Cocker Spaniels and Pitbulls had different histories and came from different places, their jobs were very similar.

Cocker Spaniels date back to the 14th century, originating in Spain. They were used as hunting dogs because of their natural urge to hunt and the fact that they were so good at it!

Pitbulls originated in England, first making their way to America in the 18th century. They were once used as guard dogs. They were great at this job because not only were they very loyal to their owner, but also because of their bulky look and pointy ears that could be intimidating to some humans and other animals.

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Cocker Spaniel Pitbull Features (What Do They Look Like?)

Although Cocker Spaniel’s and Pitbulls are different in a lot of ways, there are some features they have that are very similar. A mix of these two breeds can be a very interesting combo!

A Cocker Spaniel Pitbull mix can have many different features, they could look more like a Cocker Spaniel, or more like a Pitbull based on which side they inherit more traits from.

Photo Credit Quora user Barbie H. & Sara B.

Cocker Spaniel Pitbulls are oftentimes muscular and petite. They get their strong and sturdy bodies from the Pitbull side. Cocker spaniels are known for their athletic bodies, this is a trait that normally all Cocker Spaniel Pitbull mixes have.

The interesting thing about this mixed breed is that you won’t know what a pup will look like until it grows a little older, it could look more like one breed than the other, or a perfect mixture of both; although, your pup will likely have a larger, broad, or round-shaped head since both breeds have some of these features!

How Big Will a Cocker Spaniel Pitbull Mix Get?

A lot of Cockerpit owners wonder how big their pup will get. Typically, a full-grown Cocker Spaniel Pitbull will be a moderately sized dog, not too big and not too small.

Your mixed pup will likely be medium-sized seeing as both of these breeds are around the same size. They will typically be between 15–20 inches in height and weigh between 15–20 pounds.

Cockerpits are very compact dogs, a trait they gain from the Pitbull side, meaning that they are easy for people to have in apartments or smaller homes!

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Cocker Spaniel Pitbull Mix Temperament

One of the biggest concerns for Cockerpit owners is what their pup’s personality, behavior, and overall temperament will be.

Thankfully, both Cocker Spaniels and Pitbulls have great temperaments, and are very well behaved if they are trained properly! This means that a Cockerpit will be the same way!

Cocker Spaniels have a very great temperament. They are easy to train, very loyal, wonderful with children, and they are very smart! Cocker Spaniels love learning new things! They are normally great with other dogs too; however, they do get a bit territorial over their toys, space, and their food.

Pitbulls are very loving and loyal. They have oftentimes been misunderstood dogs but ultimately have great personalities! They are also very watchful and brave, making them the perfect companion for anyone!

Both Cocker Spaniels and Pitbulls love to stay busy, they love getting exercise and especially doing fun activities such as playing fetch!

Pitbulls and Cocker Spaniels typically get along well with humans, they are very easy-going when they are met with a human. However, when faced with another dog, these breeds have been known to become aggressive, meaning that Cocker Spaniel Pitbull mixes can do the same.

Are Cocker Spaniel Pitbulls Aggressive?

Like a lot of dog owners, Cockerpit owners often worry if their pup will be aggressive or not. Typically, dog aggression stems from areas such as lack of training, lack of socialization, and many other factors.

Like all other breeds, it depends on each dog whether they are prone to aggression or not. By watching your pup closely, it is typically easy to tell from early on if a pup will grow up to be aggressive.

Here are some signs and behaviors that puppies show that indicate they will grow up to be aggressive:

  • Excessively jumping
  • Snarling or growling
  • Barking at people
  • Biting when pet
  • Biting ankles when someone is trying to walk

Other outside factors can also cause a Cockerpit to become aggressive; here are a few examples:

  • Not being social from an early age
  • Feeling threatened
  • Having a history of abuse
  • Poor breeding
  • Medical problems

A lot of times simply training a Cockerpit by rewarding good behavior is the best way for them to become very well-tempered! Usually, a Cocker Spaniel Pitbull will show early on (by age 1) if they will be aggressive or not; although, these behaviors are known to develop later on in life too.

Since the Cocker Spaniel Pitbull mix has a mix of both breeds, they are less likely to be aggressive. Cocker Spaniels are known to not be aggressive at all, and Pitbulls are typically not aggressive unless they are not trained properly.

What is the Best Way to Train a Cockerpit?

Training a Cocker Spaniel Pitbull mix can be quite easy. They are typically well-behaved dogs, so training is normally not that hard of a task. These pups require exercise to make sure they are content and won’t use that extra energy doing things they shouldn’t!

Like a lot of other breeds, the use of positive reinforcement, or rewarding your pup after they perform a task or good behavior is the best way to train them!

If the pup knows they will receive a reward for behaving well, they are more likely to do a task or behave well! Both Cocker Spaniels and Pitbulls are known for being easy to train, one of the main reasons they are great at training is that they love to please their owners!

TIP: It is always best to start training early with any breed to ensure that they learn quickly and don’t have problems behaving in the future.

Cocker Spaniel Pitbull Mix Fur & Grooming

Since both Cocker Spaniels and Pitbulls have different fur, it is interesting to see what type of fur a Cockerpit will end up having!

Cocker Spaniel Pitbull mixes can have fur that is more like a Cocker Spaniel, or more like a Pitbull. Typically, their fur will be shorter and as a result, they will have less shedding, a trait that comes from Pitbulls!

While Pitbulls have fur that is shorter and course, Cocker spaniels tend to have curly fur, so don’t be surprised if your Cockerpit has hair that curls up!

The texture of a Cockerpit’s fur is normally silky and smooth. The fur can also be longer or shorter depending on the traits they inherit, but normally it will be on the medium to the short side.

Photo Credit Quora User Barbie H.

Typically, Cockerpits are very light shedders which are always great! The color of their fur can range from fawn, black, white, or even a mixture of all three!

Depending on what type of fur your pup inherits, will determine the amount of grooming that needs to be done to keep your pup happy and healthy. A Cocker Spaniel requires more grooming than a Pitbull, normally requiring brushing every three days because of their long, curly fur.

Bathing can be flexible depending on how dirty your pup gets. The recommended time frame for bathing a Cocker Spaniel is every three months, and for a Pitbull, once every month.

Seeing as both of these breeds are prone to skin allergies, making sure they are groomed properly can help keep their skin comfortable from any allergies. There are many different shampoos and products available for dogs with allergies!

TIP: If your pup develops more traits from the Cocker Spaniel, it is a good idea to keep their paws groomed regularly, read this article to find out more on why this is important: All About Cocker Spaniel Paws (Size, Grooming, Problems)

Are Cockerpits Prone to Health Issues?

A concern that many dog owners, especially those of mixed breeds have been whether or not their pup is prone to health issues. A lot of times when mixing breeds, a pup will have a higher chance of health problems because they are developing issues from two different breeds.

Cocker spaniels and Pitbulls share several of the same common health issues, which can be a problem when mixing the two breeds. 

Both Cocker Spaniels and Pitbulls are prone to hip issues (hip dysplasia), which can be very dangerous if not taken care of early in life, they are also prone to hypothyroidism and allergies.

Hip issues can become a problem for Cockerpits since the breed is typically muscular and petite. The weight of their body can put a strain on their smaller legs, resulting in worsened hip and joint problems.

Both Cocker spaniels and Pitbulls have individual health problems that they are prone to as well, making a Cockerpits risk of health issues more likely. Cocker Spaniels are known for developing ear infections and skin problems while Pitbulls are known for having thyroid disease, heart disease, and cataracts.

Seeing as the Cocker Spaniel has droopy ears, they are more likely to inherit ear infections, if your mixed pup develops these ears, it is a good idea to keep their ears cleaned consistently; however, your pup could also inherit the adorable triangular ears the Pitbulls have!

TIP: It is very easy to clean your pups’ ears at home by using a veterinarian-approved ear cleaning solution that you massage into your pup’s ear to remove dirt, debris, and wax!

When mixing a Cocker Spaniel and a Pitbull there are specific health issues that have been known for a Cockerpit to develop. Some of the most common health problems for this mixed breed to develop include;

Having your pup receive consistent checkups from the vet is a great way to ensure their health is good and that they stay happy and healthy!

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What is the Price of a Cocker Spaniel Pitbull Mix?

In most cases, pure-bred dogs are more expensive than mixed dogs; although, since the Cocker Pit is becoming more popular and not being bred on accident in recent times, the price of the mixed breed has gone up.

Normally cocker spaniel puppies can cost anywhere between $375–$900, Pitbulls are typically pricier and can cost between $500–$2,000 depending on the type of Pitbull. 

Cockerpits have also been known to be found in animal shelters where they can be adopted for a certain fee.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Cockerpit?

There are both positives and negatives within the Cockerpit breed. While they are a mix of two great breeds, there are also some troubles that can come along with them.

Here is a breakdown of some of the pros and cons of a Cocker Spaniel Pitbull Mix:


  • Great personality, temperament, and socialization skills
  • Easy to train
  • Great with children
  • Playful and loving
  • Easily adapt to new environments
  • Low maintenance


  • Needs consistent exercise (wouldn’t be good for someone who needs to be sitting a lot)
  • Oftentimes a stubborn and dominant breed
  • Possible aggression
  • Need a lot of attention
  • Become destructive if bored

What is the Lifespan of a Cocker Spaniel Pitbull Mix?

One of the main concerns for all dog owners is how long will their pup live? Thankfully for the Cockerpit, lifespan is typically long.

As long as a Cockerpit doesn’t develop any issues that make their lives shorter, they will typically live between 12–15 years!

Both Cocker Spaniels and Pitbulls have a lifespan of around 12–15 years as well. This means it is very likely that your pup will live a decently long life for a dog! 

Cockerpits do well in multiple different environments and when placed in all kinds of surroundings, they are very adaptable!

Where to Find a Cocker Spaniel Pitbull Mix Puppy for Sale?

Finding this mixed breed is very difficult. Most often when you find these two breeds mixed it is from an accidental litter. As mixed breeds are becoming more and more popular however it is getting somewhat easier to find them.

The best way to find a Cocker Spaniel Pitbull mix is to find a breeder that breeds both and request the mixed breed litter. Some breeders may be willing, some may not. This mixed breed is not one that is desired by many people so it will most likely never become as popular as a mixed breed like the Cockapoo or the Bully Pit.

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