Goldendoodle Obsessive Licking (Quick Solutions Guide)

Sometimes the things our dogs do are adorable to us, and sometimes they can really get on our nerves. Licking is one of those things. If your Goldendoodle is giving you a little lick of affection on your hand it can be endearing, but if your Goldendoodle is licking you, itself, or other things non-stop then it can be quite bothersome or annoying. If your Goldendoodle is an obsessive licker you may be at your wit’s end.

The big question is…. Why do they do it!?

Goldendoodles lick because of instinct, it can be a sign of affection, stress, boredom, or allergies. Licking can be soothing and therapeutic because it releases endorphins. Your Goldendoodle may try to lick other dogs as a show of dominance, and they may lick you because they like the taste of salt on your skin.

So for the most part licking is normal, but when does it become abnormal and something to be concerned about? We will take a deeper look into this behavior but first I want to give you a quick overview of some of the main reasons and what can be done.

Here is a Quick Solution Guide to Solve Your Goldendoodle Problematic Licking (Find more details below)

Reasons for Licking
Quick Solutions
Stressed or Anxious
Give them more mental stimulation. Snuffle MatLick Mat
Attention Seeking
Completely ignore / Redirect
Obsessive Licking
Vet Checkup for underlying medical problems
Licking Paws
Treat underlying problem and/or try Dog Paw Washer

Reasons Goldendoodles Lick

There are a lot of different things your Goldendoodle might be licking and many different reasons behind the behavior. It is up to you to notice patterns that develop in order to come to an understanding of what will help you find the solution to the problem.

Puppies start out at a young age learning to be licked.

Their mothers lick them to clean them, keep them warm, bond with them and help keep their den clean and free of disease.

As they grow with their siblings, licking each other is a way for them to communicate. In the wild dogs would lick their pack leader as a sign of submission and obedience to the leader or ‘Alpha’ dog.

This has been a deep genetic and instinctual pattern for dogs from their ancestral roots all the way to the domesticated days.

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Why is Goldendoodle Licking its Paws?

There are several reasons that may cause your Goldendoodle to lick its paws. The most common cause is allergies or irritation. Other reasons may be due to injuries, parasites, a skin condition called dermatitis (a result of bacterial problems), or food sensitivities.

In order to understand why your Goldendoodle is licking its paws, it may be helpful to follow these steps.

Step 1

  • Carefully inspect its feet for any signs of injury.
  • Check for cuts, torn nails, thorns, or stings.
  • If your Goldendoodle is concentrating its licking to one spot in particular it could indicate an injury to that spot.
  • Carefully check, in between the pads of the paws as this can be an area where small pebbles or other items may get stuck.
  • Check for Blisters or excessive red or hot spots.

If you notice any injury or inflammation to your pet’s paw you may want to have it checked out by your vet. A minor injury or abrasion could possibly be treated at home. Call your vet to find out the best course of action.

Step 2: If you have found no obvious signs of injury or abrasions on your dog’s paw.

  • Think about where your Goldendoodle has walked recently.
  • Has your dog been walking on hot pavement?
  • Has your dog been walking on salted sidewalks?
  • Has your dog been walking on grass that has recently been sprayed with pesticides?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then you will want to carefully clean your dog’s paws off and observe to see if the licking has stopped or not.

If the licking has not stopped then it will likely be due to stress, anxiety, boredom, or an allergy to its food.

Your Goldendoodle is licking because of Allergies

Allergies in your Goldendoodle can come from several different sources. Your Goldendoodle could have an allergy to chemicals used in or around your house and yard, or they could have an allergy to an ingredient in the food they are eating.

Even if your dog has been exposed to the supposed allergen many times before and never seemed to have a problem with it, it may not show up until they are older as some allergens take repeated exposure to start to show symptoms.

“Canine atopic dermatitis (allergic dermatitis, canine atopy) is an inherited predisposition to develop allergic symptoms following repeated exposure to some otherwise harmless substance, an “allergen”. Most dogs begin to show their allergic signs between 1 and 3 years of age.”

See full article on Animal Med Center

Your Goldendoodle may have developed an allergy to chemicals used in your yard like grass or weed killers, or any other harsh chemicals or products used in or around your home. Your dog may also have a severe reaction to fleas, or an overreaction to a common staph bacteria that is normal to be on your dog’s skin.

Your dog’s food could also be causing itchiness. Even if your dog has been eating the same food all its life, it is possible for there to be an ingredient in it that your dog has developed a sensitivity to over time. If you have noticed that your  Goldendoodle has become a very picky eater, this could be part of the cause.

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Are Goldendoodles Picky Eaters? (Inside Info from Real Owners)


Some owners would suggest that you try a grain-free diet for your dog if he is itching a lot, but I would caution you that there have been studies shown linking this diet to heart problems. It’s best to talk to your vet to get safe recommendations tailored to your specific situation.

It can also be helpful to keep a bucket or bowl with water or something like this highly rated dog paw washer from Amazon (affiliate link) next to your door to clean your dog’s paws off when they come in the house.

If your Goldendoodle suffers from seasonal or airborne allergies then having a good air purifier (affiliate link) can help to remove allergens from the air.

Having filtered water can also help reduce the number of toxins your dog takes in. Not only can it help your dog, but it can also be really good for you. Even ‘filtered’ tap water can contain traces of chemicals or metals that can build up in our dogs and us and cause problems.

My family has this Berkey water filter(affiliate link) and we love it for us and our little pooch!

Why Your Goldendoodle Licks You

Your Goldendoodle is showing you affection

When your Goldendoodle licks you, he is showing you affection. This is probably the most common reason that we think about when wondering why our dogs lick us. It was also the most common answer I got from owners when I asked them for reasons why they thought their dog licked them.

Just like we give kisses as a show of affection our dogs give licks! It stems all the way back to their puppyhood.

Like we talked about earlier, mothers lick their puppies to show them love and affection so your dog has learned that this is one way to show you he loves and cares for you. When your Goldendoodle licks you it could be a sign that he is trying to groom you, which is also a form of affection and care.

Your Goldendoodle is submitting to You

Another reason your Goldendoodle may lick your face is that he is trying to appease you and submit to your dominance over him. Dogs are pack creatures and will often greet members of their pack with a nice wet lick in the face. Their body position will be slightly lower than the pack leader and with this gesture, they are showing that they

Your Goldendoodle may do this with another dog or pet in your house or when he just meets them if he has chosen to be submissive to that animal’s dominance over him.

Your Goldendoodle Wants Your Attention

Goldendoodles love to be with us and around us whenever they can they were made for companionship. They love to stare at you, play with you, and follow you everywhere

When your Goldendoodle wants something there are a lot of ways it can try to get your attention such as whining, barking, staring at, or licking you. One of the more subtle ways for him to get your attention and probably less annoying than barking or crying is to lick you.

Your dog is smart and probably knows that licking you will be Goldendoodle is trying to tell you something he may lick you as a sign that he wants something. That something could be as simple as to say he loves you, or it could mean that he’s hungry, needs to go to the bathroom, or wants you to play.

Either way, we need to work on getting good at reading our dog’s body language so that we can understand them better and provide for their needs accordingly.

If you respond to your Goldendoodle licking by patting his head, giving him a cuddle, or talking sweet calming words then his way of getting your attention by licking you worked! 

This will reinforce this behavior and he will continue to do it. If you find this behavior annoying and want them to stop licking you to get your attention then ignoring them is your best step forward.


Decide if you should reward his licking behavior with attention or not. If you don’t like it and want it to stop, then ignore and redirect. If you don’t mind it or want to encourage your dog to continue to get your attention by licking them reward them with your attention.

Your Goldendoodle is Bored

A bored dog will do what it can to find a way to entertain itself.

If they don’t have much to do they can be pretty creative in finding something to keep their minds occupied, and that can include some heavy-duty licking! 

If you have noticed your Goldendoodle randomly licking your furniture, the walls, your floors, or other strange things it’s possible that they are bored and need some mental stimulation.


Channeling that boredom into something more constructive will help to release some energy and create those feel-good endorphins your dog is trying to create by licking.

Working on training together or taking an extra walk sometime in your day may just be the thing your dog needs to get him focused on something else.

This widely popular program has helped a lot of owners bond with their dogs and creates better behavior and habits to replace the not-so-great ones including obsessive licking. Here’s the link in case you are interested.

A lot of owners have also had great success with getting something like this lick mat or snuffle mat on Amazon (affiliate link). This will give them something to lick on that won’t leave a yucky film of slobber all over your floors and furniture.

Your Goldendoodle is Stressed or Anxious

You will be able to tell if your Goldendoodle is stressed by paying close attention to his body language. If you notice your dog has whale eyes (wide eyes where you can see the white part), tucked ears, tucked tail, and a lot of lip-licking this is is a sign of stress. Your Goldendoodle may start to lick as a coping mechanism in order to calm himself down.

Licking can be very self-soothing to dogs, it releases chemicals called endorphins that trigger a positive feeling and lowers stress.

Some dog owners told me that their dogs like to lick themselves before curling up in a ball to go to sleep it was somewhat of a ritual to them and it seemed to help them calm and fall asleep more quickly. Licking may also remind them of when they were young and their mother licked them a lot. It brings them to a place of comfort and calm.


Some dogs have specific triggers that cause them stress and anxiety, so if you are able to pinpoint the stress trigger then getting to the root of that problem and trying to fix it is the best long-term plan for your pup.

For example, if your dog always starts licking at a certain time of day, try to figure out what is happening at that time of day that is stressing him out. Is it when the mail delivery comes, or when traffic gets louder outside? If so work on solutions to help address these fears in your dog.

You can also try helping them achieve a state of calm in other ways like using these calming treats, or a Pheromone spray.

Licking Tastes Good

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If something smells yummy your dog is going to lick it to see how it tastes. Much of their random licking of the floor or furniture can be explained by some sweet-smelling something that spilled there last week?

If your Goldendoodle is licking you a lot he also probably likes the taste of salt from your skin. Your smell and taste are unique to you and licking you can help cement that into your Goldendoodle mind which will build a stronger bond between you both.

Something Hurts or Itches

If your Goldendoodle is licking himself a lot he may be trying to self-groom, or it could be a sign of allergies or a sore or wound.

Goldendoodle Wound Care:

When your dog gets hurt its instinct will be to lick the wound. Licking does a few things for their wounds, the warmth and moistness of their tounges can help to make the pain lessen, and their saliva may also help to clean the area and have some healing capacity.

There is a belief that dog saliva can heal wounds, which dates back to Egyptian times. Studies have found that while this is mostly true it’s not sufficient enough to actually heal wounds.

Most veterinarians and experts agree that you should not allow your dog to lick its wounds. While licking their wounds may initially get rid of debris and dirt continued licking will cause irritation to the wound which can reopen it and not allow it to heal properly.

There are also other germs and bacteria in your dog’s saliva that will do more harm than good and could cause an infection.

If your dog has a wound please take them to your vet to get a thorough check done. Your vet may suggest something like this cone (Amazon affiliate link) to keep your dog from licking its wound so it can properly heal.

If Your Goldendoodle is Obsessive About Licking

If your Goldendoodle is obsessively licking you will want to do your best to figure out why and do what you can to correct the problem.

Your Goldendoodle licking is considered obsessive when they continue to do it for a long period of time (more than 5-10 minutes), and they repeatedly do it throughout the day.

 If when you distract your Goldendoodle from their licking they just go right back to it after a few minutes, they are constantly licking all day, they are licking themselves and leaving patches of raw skin, then it could be considered a compulsive problem for your dog.

One of the dangers of obsessive licking is the possibility of it causing a lick granuloma, also known as acral lick dermatitis.

This is a skin disorder caused by the constant licking of one area to the point that it becomes swollen red and may even bleed.

Lick granulomas are especially seen in active dogs left alone for long periods of time.

Added to the reasons we already talked about above a few other things that could be causing your Goldendoodle to lick obsessively is dry skin. 

A variety of things, including dry winter weather and fatty acid deficiencies, can cause dry skin in dogs. Your dog may scratch or lick their fur or skin so much that it starts to get red and raw and they may lose hair and have bald patches.

Hormonal imbalances can also cause problems. If your Goldendoodles body is not producing enough thyroid hormone or putting out too much of the hormone cortisol, superficial skin infections can occur. You might start to see bald spots, and your dog may scratch or lick as if bothered by allergies.


Obsessive licking is more than just licking out of affection and boredom. If not addressed it can cause your dog to be compulsive about it and may keep them in an anxious stressed state.

If you suspect your dog has obsessive licking and it is lowering its quality of life, it’s best to work with a vet and a behaviorist. To give you an idea of what your vet may do, they may offer some medications such as over-the-counter Benadryl, or prescribe something stronger. Your vet will know if your dog needs to be treated with an ointment, antibiotics, or medicated shampoo to treat fungal and yeast infections.

Do Goldendoodles Lick a Lot?

Goldendoodles do not lick more or less than other breeds of dogs. If your Goldendoodle is licking obsessively then there is a reason it is doing so. It could be an indication of allergies, anxiety, or other medical problems.

Why is My Goldendoodle Licking after Being Groomed?

If your Goldendoodle is licking his paws or any other part of him after coming home from the groomers then the clippers may have caused an abrasion or irritated your dog’s skin. This can be very painful for your dog and he may be trying to soothe his skin from the burn.

For short-term relief or for minor abrasions or irritations you can give your Goldendoodle a bath at room temperature using oatmeal shampoo. For more serious burns you will need to schedule an appointment with your vet to get a prescription-strength cream for treatment.

Be sure to lt your groomer know that they have been cutting too close with the clippers and ask them to leave the hair longer next time to avoid this problem again.

Why is My Goldendoodle Licking its Anus, or Underside so Much?

It’s normal for your Goldendoodle to lick itself in the private region as that is a way for it to clean itself, but if the licking is excessive then he is trying to tell you that something hurts or itches.

If your Goldendoodle is licking its butt then it may have swollen anal glands that need to be expressed. It is common in dogs for their anal sacs to become impacted (plugged) usually due to inflammation of the ducts. The secretion within the impacted sacs will thicken and the sacs will become swollen and distended. It is then painful for your dog to pass feces.

If this happens then you can have your vet or your groomer express the anal glands and that will usually resolve the problem as well as the licking.

If your dog is still licking then it may be a sign of infection.

Thank you Jeremy H. for use of your photo!

Why Does My Goldendoodle Lick Me in the Face, and Should I Allow it?

Dogs love to lick you as a way of showing affection that’s very true, but there may be a darker side to why your dog wants to lick your face.

The face-licking behavior goes back to before dogs were domesticated and they would lick the mouths of adult dogs to prompt the regurgitation of partially digested food. This is how puppies transition from suckling their mother’s milk to eating partially digested food to more solid food.

This is not to say that your dog expects you to give her some partially chewed food when she licks your face, but if you are trying to eat something and your dog all of a sudden attacks you with licks this would explain that!

Most of the time your dog will try and lick you on the face when they are excited and want to show you affection.

For most healthy people getting licked by your dog will not cause any problems, but dogs do harbor certain germs and bacteria that could be harmful to some.

“When dog saliva touches intact human skin, especially in a healthy person, it is extremely unlikely to cause any problems, as there will be very little absorption through the skin,” (See full article from the New York Times)

Dr. Leni K. Kaplan at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine told the New York Times

If you think about some of the behaviors of your dog like licking their bottoms or eating nasty things including their own poop (If your Goldendoodle eats strange things this article I wrote is a must-read!!) then its no wonder that they harbor a lot of bacteria and germs in their mouths.

Many medical professionals as well as vets recommend that you avoid letting your dog lick your mouth, eyes, nose, or any open wound as this is more likely to cause an infection or illness. If you enjoy the doggy kisses a good alternative is to let your dog lick your neck and then clean it off afterward.

If you prefer your dog to not lick you then distracting them with another behavior like petting or playing and rewarding them for that will reinforce them to choose that behavior as a form of affection rather than the licking. Just remember that for some dogs who have a very strong instinct to lick, it may take some time and patience to consistently get them to redirect.