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15 Small Dogs With Fluffy Tails (Adorable Pictures!)

One of the most adorable and expressive parts of our little dogs is their beautiful tails. Dogs that have long fluffy tails are some of my favorites, but SMALL dogs with long gorgeous fluffy tails are by far my absolute most favorite!!

Here is a list of all the small dogs that have long fluffy tails!

#1 Long-Haired Chihuahua

Chihuahua with long fluffy tail!

Chihuahuas generally have short wirery hair, but there is a side of the Chi family that has the genetics to give them long fluffy hair.

The long hair Chihuahua does shed, but clean-up is pretty easy since they are one of the smallest breed dogs there is.

Long-haired Chihuahuas range in height from 5-9 inches. They generally weigh 3-6 pounds.

Chihuahua tails range from 3 inches to 9 inches. The hair on the tail of a long hair chi can be 2-6 inches long.

Note: Check out our in-depth article all about Chihuahua’s tails! Chihuahua Tail Complete Guide (With Pictures)

#2 Papillon

Full of fluffiness the papillon with its notorious butterfly ears has a gorgeous plume tail!

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It’s hard to distinguish where the tail ends and the hair begins. Papillons curl their tails up and over their hocks in an adorable half-curl resting position.

Papillons are 8-12 inches tall and weigh 3-10 pounds.

The tail itself is around 6-10 inches long with the hair being between 2-8 inches long as well.

Papillons are super fluffy, but with all that fluff they do shed quite a bit.

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#3 Pomeranian

Pomeranians are super expressive with their tails!

I remember when I was a kid I was enthralled with my grandma’s Poms tails. More than once I got in trouble for grabbing a handful of hair from their cute little rear ends.

Jen S.

A poms tail has a cute little curl up and over its back. It sometimes causes their tails to blend in with their rear ends.

Chess Dog 300 x 600

Pomeranians stand 8-11 inches high and weigh 3-7 lbs.

Pomeranians like the first two pups on our list also shed. Pomos have a thick double coat of hair so they shed even more than the Chi and the Papillon.

Note: For more fluffy tail cuteness check out this article. Pomeranian Tail Complete Guide (Curl, Meaning, Problems)

#4 Maltese

two maltese dogs with fluffy tails looking out the window
Thank you Debbie B. for use of your photo!

Maltese dogs have some of the biggest plume tails of the small dog breeds.

I adored brushing my Maltese dog’s hair when I was a little girl. Her name was Angel and her long flowing hair portrayed that name well.

A Maltese tail ranges 5-7 inches long. Because Maltese don’t shed the hair on their tail can get quite long; up to 10-11 inches long if never cut. Generally, owners like to keep the fluffy tail trimmed to avoid getting knots and rats.

Maltese are 8-10 inches in height and weigh 6-9 pounds on average.

Note: Taking care of a Maltese tail is no easy task. Read this article if you want to become an expert. Everything to know about a Maltese Tail, (Docked, Curled, How to Groom)

#5 Miniature Poodles

Mini poodle tails are extra fluffy with that thick curly hair making their tail look like a bottle brush!

Mini poodles are so much fun because their tails can be cut into so many fun shapes. Whether it is a pom pom on the end of the tail or a full feathered look there’s always a lot of variety.

Mini Poodles are around 10-15 inches tall and weigh 10-15 pounds.

They don’t shed, so the hair on that fluffy tail needs to have special care to keep it from getting matted.

#6 Shih Tzu

The long fluffy tail of a Shih Tzu is iconic to the breed. Many people say you can tell what type of dog breed a dog is by looking at the tail. This is definitely true for a Shih Tzu!

The way this breed holds that fluffy tail perfectly arced over their backs resting on their haunches gives them a sophisticated yet somewhat pompous look!

Short and somewhat stocky Shih Tzus are only 8-11 inches tall but can weigh anywhere from 9-16 pounds.

Some owners have a lot of fun with these gorgeous tails. The new trend is to dye them bright colors. You can see a picture of that in this article. Shih Tzu Tail Ultimate Guide (Look, Grooming, Problems)

#7 Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & Poodle Mix)

cream colored Cavapoo laying on grass looking up

Cavapoo tails are very similar to the mini poodle. As a mix between Caviler King Charles Spaniel and the poodle this breed has such a sweet and lovable temperament!

Of course, this pup is so adorable it too needs its own article dedicated to its puffy fluffy tails. You can read more about caring for a Cavapoo tail in this post: Complete Guide to a Cavapoo Tail (Docked, Length, Problems)

A Cavapoo stands 9-14 inches tall and is around 8-25 lbs.

#8 Maltipoo (Maltese Poodle Mix)

Light brown Maltipoo getting ready to jump, in front of a dark brown background.

Another adorable poodle mix but generally a slightly smaller build is the Maltipoo. Maltipoos tails tend to curl a bit less than other poodle mixes. That long silky Maltese hair is a star in this little pups fur.

Standing 8-14 inches tall and growing to be about 7-20 lbs these little fluff balls have a ton of personality for such small pups!

Note: Brushing and trimming your dog’s hair regularly can prevent problems with poop getting stuck around their bottoms. Our favorite brush for all the poodle mixes is this one.

#9 Havanese

This little guy’s coat is thick and silky smooth. A Havanese may shed a little but generally doesn’t shed much. Because they don’t shed you will need to either trim their hair often or make sure to brush it out several times a week.

Their fluffy tails are soft, light, and very expressive! Wavy hair is the norm for this breed, but some Havanese have curly hair or straight hair.

These little dogs stand 7-12 inches tall and range in weight 7-13 lbs.

#10 Bichon Frise

One of the curliest and frizzy of all the small dog breeds have to be the Bichon Frise! The beautiful white fluff is soft and whispey.

Similar in size to most of the dogs on this list this breed stands 9-12 inches tall and weighs 8-15lbs.

Bichon Frise is one of the smallest dogs that have a double-layer coat, meaning they have smaller hairs underneath a longer outer coat of hair.

Because the outer coat is so curly and thick when the underlayer sheds it is often caught up in the outer layer of hair which keeps it from ending all over your house.

It is important to brush your Bichon regularly to keep its hair from getting too dense and matted.

#11 Yorkshire Terrier

Two pictures. Two Yorkshire Terriers sitting on a pillow in the grass shot from above. And one Yorkshire Terrier standing on the kitchen tile looking at the camera.

With long gorgeous silky hair, the Yorkie is one of may favorite pups with a cute fluffy tail! When positioned just right that tail can act just like a little duster broom sweeping itself across the floor.

Yorkies are generally very small dogs. Between 8-10 inches tall and usually under 10lbs they are sometimes tiny little terrors.

I had a Yorkie growing up that acted like she was as big as a Great Dane!

Yorkies are sadly one of the smaller breeds that generally get their tails docked when they are puppies. I personally love a long tail on a Yorkie!

Whether stub tail or long flowy tail you can learn more about Yorkie tails here.

#12 Malchi (Maltese Chihuahua Mix)

I may be biased, but this little guy is my favorite! A Maltese Chihuahua mix that has the best of both worlds.

Malchi’s are really diverse in the genetics they inherit from their parents so this mixed breed can have a wide range of fur types.

My little guy has gorgeous long silky Maltese hair, but in the color of coal black! To me he looks just like a little black Maltese!

We keep his hair trimmed right under his tail and around his little bum. The rest of the tail I leave long and flowy.

Malchi’s are around 6-12 inches tall and 7-12 pounds.

#13 Pekingese

Pekingese have such an established royal look about them! Their little bodies have big fluffy pompous tails. Their tails curl over their back and their luscious locks flow over their hind quarters.

Ranging in weight from 6lbs to 14 pounds and height 6-9 inches these royal breeds are very little.

Pekingese shed a moderate amount. Their fluffy tails along with the rest of their hair needs weekly brushing and regular care.

#14 Lhasa Apso

When it comes to fluff the Lhasa Apso has it going on! Its soft fluffy hair does not shed and will grow longer and longer if you let it.

The Lhasa Apsos tail curls up over its hind quarters and rests on its hocks. It can be very expressive when its excited, curious, or nervous!

Many owners of the Apso keep their dog’s hair cut short for easier maintenance. The longer the hair, the more it needs to be brushed and groomed.

Standing 10-11 inches in height and weighing 10-13 pounds this small breed dog is not much more than a ball of fluff.

#15 Coton de Tueller

If there ever was a little dog that resembled a stuffed animal it would be the Coton de Tueller! Its hair and tail are so fluffy it puffs straight out! In fact, their name is very fitting since many of them resemble the look of a cotton ball!

These cotton ball dogs shed very little, which again requires that the owners maintain their coats by brushing them several times a week. Using a pin brush to get through their fluffy coats is essential.

Coton de Tuellers are 7-13 pounds and 10-12 inches in height.

Bonus: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Last but not least on our list is the beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Slightly bigger than the rest of the pups on this list they range in height from 12-14 inches and weight from 13-18 pounds.

They are considered a small to medium-breed dog, but we couldn’t leave this fluffy tail off our list.

Their long gorgeous tail extends out behind them and creates a beautiful feathered look.

A Cavalier’s hair texture is smooth and silky. They do shed so there is no need to cut their hair, but regular brushing will help keep the hair from getting all over your house and you.

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