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Top 5 Best Squeaky Ball Toys for Dogs (According to Owners!)

One of the most important decisions that dog owners make is choosing what dog toys to buy their pet, there are so many options out there!

Some of the most popular dog toys amongst dog owners and their pets are the very popular squeaky ball toys!

There are many different reasons why dogs seem to love squeaky ball toys including their many different colors, easiness to chew, durability, and so many others!

In this article, we will go over the top 5 most recommended squeaky ball toys that dogs and their owners both seem to love.

If you are interested in learning more about what makes a great squeaky ball toy and to hear about some of the most recommended dog ball toys, then keep reading!

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What Makes a Good Squeaky Ball Toy for Dogs?

There are many different opinions when it comes to dog owners choosing squeaky ball toys for their pet(s). Because there are so many options out there in the world, this can sometimes be a very difficult decision.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend high-quality products that are used and recommended by real owners. If you use these links to buy something we earn a small commission.

Many things can determine what makes a good squeaky ball toy including its durability, price, size, etc.

The size of both your dog as well as the squeaky ball toy you are considering getting for them is very important.

It is important to consider your dog’s size because if you buy a ball too small for them, they may be at risk for choking; but, if the ball is too big, they probably won’t be able to fit it in their mouth or play with it at all.

Below, we will go over the top 5 most recommended squeaky ball toys for dogs. These were chosen based on dog owner opinions’, price, accessibility for buying the ball, and durability!

#1. Kong SqueakAir Ball for Dogs

Chess Dog 300 x 600

Rating: 4.79/5 Stars

This squeaky ball is the top rated among all squeaky dog balls. One of the most important reasons that both dogs and dog owners love this ball is because it is a tennis ball material and won’t wear down a dog’s teeth, it also comes in a lot of different sizes!


  • Comes in XS, S, M, L, and XL
  • Depending on size chosen, more balls will come in the bag (XS = 4, S = 3, and M/L = 2 balls)
  • XS is great for tiny breeds like Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Shih Tzus, Pugs, etc.
  • Great for playing fetch
  • Ships quickly once ordered
  • Very durable
  • Brightly colored

NOTE: Dogs are most attracted to the colors red and yellow, this may be why these balls are so popular, they come in the color bright yellow!


  • Not as great for puppies
  • Some owners stated that if they left their dog alone with this ball, they were able to tear off the covering.
  • Squeaker doesn’t last as long as some other toys. A few owners stated that after their dog punctured the toy, the squeaker went out.

NOTE: Some dogs lose interest in toys if the squeakers don’t work. Some people believe this is because dogs come from wolves and that the squeak of certain toys sounds like other animals, perhaps this is the reason squeaky toys are so popular!

#2. Squeaky Dog Toys / Puppy Chew Toys for Teething

Rating: 4.7/5 Stars

These squeaky ball toys for dogs are some of the most popular amongst dog owners based on many reasons but especially the toy’s affordability and durability.


  • Includes 6 different balls
  • Non-toxic
  • Made for small, medium, and large dogs!
  • Great for aggressive chewers because they don’t tear or break easily.
  • Durable but still soft (doesn’t cause damage to the mouth/teeth)
  • Owners stated that the noise level is what attracted them to this ball because it doesn’t make as much noise as some other squeak toys.
  • Great for puppies who are teething.
  • Designed so that dogs will not choke.
  • All dog owners who reviewed this squeaky ball stated that it is the most durable ball they have ever had for their dog(s), while also being the least expensive.


  • One owner stated that if these balls are left outside, they will go flat and also collect water.
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#3. Chuckit Ultra Squeaker Ball

Rating: 4.7/5 Stars

These ball toys are very popular amongst dog owners because they do include two balls in the pack while also being a very low price!


  • High bounce
  • Won’t wear don’t teeth or gums because of rubber material.
  • Great for fetch / Easy to throw
  • Good price for 2 toys
  • Owners with dogs who are aggressive chewers stated that this ball toy lasted a very long time and was the most durable dog ball they had ever invested in.
  • One owner whose dog is blind stated that this ball was the best option for her pet because of the material and squeaking sound that the dog seemed to love.


  • Some owners stated that their dog had issues with getting the ball stuck in their mouths or on their tongues because of the rubber material.
  • One owner said that their dog’s tooth got caught in the rubber material but thankfully, the dog was not injured.
  • Owners with larger dogs stated that their dog easily removed the squeaker from the ball and almost swallowed it.

NOTE: After reading the reviews and dog owner opinions/comments, it seems that this ball does best for medium-sized dogs. Smaller dogs had trouble holding on to it, and larger dogs seemed to be able to tear the squeaker out easier.

#4. Kong Squeezz Ball Dog Toy

Rating: 4.2/5 Stars

This squeaky ball is one of the most popular among dogs and their owners because even once the ball is punctured, the squeak keeps going!


  • Multiple colors
  • Squeakers deep inside the toy are what cause the ball to continue squeaking even if it is punctured.
  • Can be played with indoor and outdoor
  • High bounce
  • Made of rubber = high durability


  • Colors of the ball ship randomly so you won’t know what color you will get until it arrives.
  • Doesn’t come in a small size, only medium, large, and X-Large
  • Not designed to be chewed on, but to be played with (especially fetch).
  • Some owners stated that the toy held water in it after being played with at the lake.

TIP: If your dogs’ toys sometimes get water trapped inside, try shaking them out as much as possible and then letting them sit outside in the sun or the air so that they will dry out.

  • One owner noticed the glue on the toy peeling up; thankfully, the glue used in Kong toys is non-toxic.
  • Although this ball can float, it is not completely designed to, it will eventually sink because of the squeaker hole located on the ball.
  • Owners stated that this ball squeaks very loud, and they weren’t expecting it.

#5. CHEWY – The Virtually Indestructible Ball Dog Toy

Thank you Kerstyn P. for use of your photo!

Rating: 3.6/5 Stars

Although this ball is more expensive than some others, it is very popular because it is so long-lasting and is sold by a very trusted brand among dog owners, Chewy.

Amazon also sells their own version of this ball.


  • Non-toxic
  • Will float in water
  • Available in different sizes (6, 10, and 14 inches)
  • Can’t be punctured
  • One of the bigger, long-lasting dog ball toys on the market (one owner stated that the 10-inch toy is close to the size of a regular basketball)
  • Dogs love to push and chase this ball for hours of fun


  • Not made for dogs smaller than a Yorkshire Terrier/Bichon Frise breed.
  • Some owners stated that this ball was way too big even for their larger dog; however, there are many different sizes offered.
  • Harder plastic — Unfortunately, this is a must for the ball to be “virtually indestructible”, but some owners stated their dog wasn’t a fan of how hard the toy was and couldn’t bite it to pick it up.

Tips for Choosing a Squeaky Ball Toy for Your Dog

There are so many squeaky ball toys for dogs that are out in the world and can be chosen from, it is sometimes hard to pick the “best one.” What is considered the “best” squeaky ball could also be different for each owner, depending on what their dog likes.

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for a squeaky ball that will work best for your dog in particular:

  • Consider your dog’s size, and the size of the ball you are choosing — Picking a ball too big or too small for your dog could mean that your dog won’t ever play with the ball, will destroy it, or in even worse scenarios, they could choke on the ball if it is too small for their size, or even break a tooth if the ball is too large for them.
  • Consider what your dog likes — It is important to think about whether or not your dog will like a squeaky ball or not when purchasing a new one. Dogs can sometimes be very picky, and they may not like the material, squeak noise, etc. which means they probably aren’t going to play with it.
  • Consider if your dog is an aggressive chewer or not — If your dog is not an aggressive chewer, try to buy balls that are softer, this can keep their teeth healthier for longer and prevent the risk of their teeth chipping.
  • Choose a ball that is recommended for your breed specifically — Some dog owners suggested different squeaky ball toys based on their dog’s breed. After researching, I noticed that the “Virtually Indestructible Ball Dog Toy” was highly recommended for herding breeds (like Australian Shepherds) as well as German Shepherds and Retriever breeds.
  • Read reviews and check the pricing of the toy(s) — This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a new squeaky ball for your dog. Reviews from actual dog owners are always the best way to figure out if something will likely work for you and your dog.

NOTE: Sometimes toys that are higher-priced aren’t always a better quality, make sure you read about the materials they are made with, and all of the information that is given!

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How to Keep My Dog’s Toys in Good Condition?

Another important thing to consider about your dog’s toys, especially their squeaky ball toys, is how to keep them clean.

Keeping a dog’s toys clean is important so that bacteria will not grow and cause your dog to become sick. Cleaning will also keep the toy fresh, making it last longer!

Squeaky ball toys are some of the most important toys to keep clean because they oftentimes have open spots where the squeaker is placed, this can cause water and bacteria to become trapped.

Here are some tips for keeping your dog’s squeaky ball toys clean:

  • Soak the toys in warm water — You can soak the toys along with apple cider vinegar or regular vinegar, just make sure you rinse them off well afterwards.
  • Scrub the toys with a brush or sponge — You can even use dish soap to help clean the toys, just make sure you get all of it off (rinse well) and dry it well before letting your dog have it back. It is important to dry squeaky ball toys because they are likely to get water trapped in them which can cause mold to grow and can then become harmful to your dog.
  • Clean your dogs’ toys regularly — There is no need to go overboard with how often you clean your dogs’ toys, but you should be cleaning them often enough to where they aren’t overly dirty, especially if they play with them outside. (Try cleaning them once a week!)

TIP: You can also clean your dogs’ toys in the dishwasher; however, make sure to read the toy label before doing this, some toys aren’t meant to be placed in the washer.

  • Clean with diluted bleach — If your dog’s toys get overly dirty, cleaning them with bleach is a good way to go; however, it is very important to dilute the bleach and make sure that the toys are completely rinsed after cleaning, you don’t want any bleach left behind that could be harmful to your dog.

NOTE: Typically cleaning dog toys with bleach works best on plastic and rubber toys. It is best to only do this if the toys really need it, if not, try sticking with a more natural cleaning agent like the vinegar mentioned above!

While we strive to give the most accurate and helpful information about your pet’s health that we can, this article is meant to be informational only and not medical advice. Never disregard, avoid or delay in obtaining medical advice from your veterinarian or other qualified veterinary health care provider regardless of what you have read on this site or elsewhere.

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