Cost to Groom a Border Collie (Owners Surveyed)

A lot of Border Collie owners know how important it is to keep their pups properly groomed. However, some new Collie owners often wonder how expensive it is to keep their pup’s grooming in good condition!

On average, Collie owners can expect to pay between $45–$70 dollars for a one-time grooming service. Price for grooming will also vary based on factors such as your Collie’s size, where you live, and what grooming services you are wanting your pup to receive.

There are multiple points to take into consideration when thinking about grooming a Border Collie. If you are looking to know more about the different grooming services offered, price breakdowns, and all other grooming-related questions about your Collie, then keep reading!

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How often do Border Collies need to be groomed?

Several factors determine how often your Collie should be groomed. For example, show dogs tend to be groomed more often than working dogs because they must maintain a clean look; although, working dogs may also need to be groomed and bathed more often if they are outside a lot and tend to get dirty quickly. You may invest more money into grooming your Collie if they need grooming often.

Border Collies do not typically need to be groomed as often as some other breeds. It is recommended to fully groom Collies every 2-3 months. The time between grooming also depends on what type of style you are looking for your Collie to achieve.

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What affects the price of grooming a Border Collie?

Several things can affect the price of grooming a Border Collie. Some aspects include their size (whether they are a puppy or adult), their hair type/condition (show or working Collie), which type of grooming your pup is receiving, location of the grooming salon, availability and experience of the groomer, etc. Here are some Facebook users’ comments on their experience with Collie grooming prices:

Size of Collie: One Facebook user stated that their medium-sized Collie can be groomed for $55, while their larger Collie is priced at $75. Another owner who stated that they pay $95 for each visit to the groomer has two Border Collies that get groomed at the same time. The user stated that once their Collie puppy is older (and bigger) the price will go up.

Location: Other users suggested that where you live has a lot to do with grooming costs. For example, someone from California said they pay $85 for a Collie standard grooming service while a user in Florida stated they typically pay $65, and in Arizona, $65. The United States and Canadian grooming prices may also vary. A user stated that their Collie is groomed for $60 in the states and $75 in Canada!

Availability & experience: One user stated that they previously paid around $60 to groom their Collie, at their current grooming salon they pay $180 for full-service grooming due to their highly trained groomer.

Types of grooming locations and their prices

A lot of Collie owners are unaware that there are many more options available other than grooming their dog(s) at home or taking them to a grooming salon. Several other grooming service locations include:

  • Mobile grooming – Professional groomers will come to your location with their grooming services. The price will vary depending on where you live and of course other factors like the size of your dog.

    Fees can range between $50–$125— you may spend $10–$20 more having a mobile groomer come to you rather than visiting a grooming salon.
  • Self-service grooming salon – This is a great option for people who don’t have a good space at home to groom their dog but want to do it themselves. Self-service grooming salons offer space for you to groom your dog yourself.

    Keep in mind that a lot of times these salons do not offer scissors and some other dog grooming tools, but they do oftentimes offer basic combs, brushes, etc. This type of grooming typically costs between $10–$25.
  • At-home grooming – Facebook users agreed that at-home grooming was the biggest money saver compared to other types of grooming locations.

    Owners that groom their pups at home typically spend between $40–$100 for all necessary items (including combs, brushes, shampoo, nail trimmers, toothbrush, toothpaste, trimming scissors, etc.).

    Seeing as these items will last a very long time, owners agreed that they spent way less money in the long run!

Tip: Mobile grooming, self-service grooming, and at-home grooming are all great for anxious dogs. The dog being in their own space at home, or having their owner do their grooming services, can help reduce anxiety they may feel by having a professional groomer do their services in an unfamiliar grooming salon space.

  • In-salon grooming – A dog grooming salon offers many services that cannot be found anywhere else. Prices will vary greatly depending on where you live, and what services you are wanting your pup to receive!

    According to Facebook users, the price for a standard grooming service which includes bath, brush, nails, and ear cleaning is around $60. Below is a chart that shows what Facebook users from multiple areas said they typically spend for their Collie to be groomed at a dog grooming salon.

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Possible grooming services

A lot of Border Collie owners are unsure of what all is included in grooming their pup. A lot of people think that nails, bath, and trim are the only services offered; however, there are multiple services that groomers often have that can be very beneficial to your pup!

Some grooming services that are offered to Border Collies include:

  • Bath
  • Brushing
  • Trim Fur
  • Clean Ears
  • Nails (Trimming/Filing, and Buffing)
  • Teeth (Brushing and Intense Cleaning/Whitening)
  • Special Shampoos
  • Fur Whitening
  • Skunk Bath
  • De-shedding
  • Paw Balm
  • Flea and Tick Treatment

Border Collie grooming price breakdown

A lot of grooming salons offer package deals that include multiple services. These package services normally include a bath, ear cleaning, nail trim, teeth brushing, and sometimes other services as well! Typically, anytime a Collie is getting a bath, they are also brushed and trimmed, these three services are normally merged into one total price!

Here is a breakdown of standard pricing for different grooming services:

Price (Varies)
Teeth cleaning (non-anesthesia)
Teeth cleaning (anesthesia)
Teeth brushing
Brushing/bath/fur trim
Nail trim & buffing
Nail trim
Ear cleaning
Flea & tick treatment
Paw balm
Skunk bath

A lot of Border Collie owners like their pups to be hand-cut instead of clippers being used on their fur. a Collie should never be shaved! Because of this, the price for fur trimming is typically a little more expensive than other breeds since groomers must hand cut. Prepare to pay about $10–$30 extra since hand-cutting is so time-consuming!

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How long does It take to groom a Border Collie?

A lot of Collie owners will drop their pup off at a grooming salon and come back later to get them. They often wonder how long it will take for their pup to be finished at their appointment.

Depending on what services your pup is receiving will determine how long their grooming appointment will last. It is typically a good idea to plan on your pup staying at the groomer for at least 1–1½ hours. If they are receiving multiple treatments and a full grooming experience, plan on it taking 2–3 hours.

Here are some of the services that will vary in the amount of time they take:

  • Bath and haircut – time will vary depending on several factors such as, how much hair is being trimmed off of your pup, how thick your dog’s coat is (hint: Collies have thick coats!), and of course depending on how dirty your pup is! Typically, if your Collie is only receiving a hair trim and bath, plan on your pup being at the groomer for about 1–1 ½ hours.
  • Nails – Nail trimming is one of the faster grooming services, typically only taking professional groomers 2–5 minutes. If you are trimming your pups’ nails for the first time at home, don’t worry if it takes you longer!
  • Skunk bath – The skunk bath service is more time-consuming than a normal bath. It is recommended to leave a skunk bath mixture on a dog for 15 minutes, followed by shampooing and rinsing thoroughly, plan for your dog to be at the groomer for at least 2 hours if they are receiving this service along with others!

Tip: If you plan on giving your pup a skunk bath at home, be sure to contact your vet to confirm if this is the right choice for your pup, and what specific ingredients to include in your skunk bath mixture!

  • De-shedding – Some groomers offer a special de-shedding package. Seeing as this is a more in-depth type of grooming, this could take a little more time than a standard brushing. Plan on your dog staying at the groomer for at least 3 hours if they are receiving all grooming services as well as the extra de-shedding service!
  • Other Services – A lot of services such as flea & tick treatment and paw balm should only take a few minutes to apply to your dog; however, if they are receiving multiple services along with these, then plan for extra time!

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