Chihuahua Wolf Hybrid (Is It Possible?)

What is the most interesting mixed breed dog you can think of? What is one that would be pushing the boundaries of nature? What is one that may not even be possible? If you answered a Chihuahua Wolf mix you would be right!

In theory, a Chihuahua wolf hybrid could be possible if the mother were a wolf and the father the Chihuahua. Currently, there is no known hybrid in existence nor is there ever known to be one.

First off let’s discuss if it’s possible, then we’ll talk about if it would even be a good idea or not.

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Chihuahua Wolf Comparison

Scientifically dogs and wolves are very closely related sharing 98-99% of their DNA. Dogs are said to have evolved from wolves. They have similar looks, life expectancies, and builds. They both desire to be part of a pack, but that seems to be where the similarities end.

If you think about a Chihuahua and a Wolf then the similarities are even less. In fact, the differences between a Chihuahua and a wolf are even more apparent. The difference in size between the two seems to be the most glaringly obvious one.

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This would seem to be the biggest roadblock in having a Chihuahua wolf mix puppy. In part this is correct. Having a wolf father and a Chihuahua mother would be impossible. The Chi mother would not be able to carry any wolf litter to term. The sheer size difference would guarantee the mother and her babies a death sentence.

Having a wolf mother and a Chihuahua father, however, is technically possible. The challenges to overcome this would again be the size, but there are many large female dogs that have become pregnant from small male dogs by laying on the floor and allowing the male to mount and attach that way.

Artificial insemination is also a possible way to produce offspring of a Chihuahua wolf hybrid. There are no documented cases showing this has been done.

The biggest obstacle to producing this mix is the probable outcome of very unhealthy and possibly unviable offspring. Because wolves and Chihuahuas are so different, not only size-wise but temperament and heath-wise mixing the two genetic pools would be a recipe for disaster!

51-180 lbs
3.3-6.6 lbs
31.2- 33.6 inches (at shoulder)
6-9 inches (at shoulder)
Life Span
14-16 years
12-20 Years
Highly Intelligent
Not Stupid
Little to none
Very trainable

There have been many documented cases of dogs being mixed with wolves, but these are going to be the larger breed dogs that have more compatibility with wolves.

Some of the most popular wolf dogs are Siberian Husky, German Shepherds, and Alaskan Malamute.

There was even a famous scientist that did an experiment breeding wolves and poodles together. You can read an article I wrote about that here: Poodle Wolf Mix, Is It Possible?

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Is Owning a Wolf Dog Safe?

Owning any dog mixed with a wolf can be very dangerous and should not be for the amateur dog owner. Wolf dogs have unpredictable behavior and are very difficult to socialize.

Wolfs by their very nature tend to test the limits of their pack leader. In the wild, the pack leader/Alpha dog is in charge. If you are the owner of a wolf-dog then presumably you are the pack leader to your wolf-dog, but they will periodically test you to see if they can take over as pack leader. This leads to aggression and possibly being bit or scratched.

Wolves are also genetically inclined to vie for position, so if you have other members in your household such as children it’s likely a wolfdog will be aggressive with them.

Some wolf dogs can be socialized, but it takes a lifetime commitment, and it really depends on the temperament of the dog if it will be successful or not.

Taking all of this into account, generally owning a wolfdog is not safe.

Should A Chihuahua Be Mixed with a Wolf?

No, it would not be ethically right to do so, nor would it be safe for the animals or the caretakers of the animals. A wolf and a Chihuahua would never have a natural inclination to mate on their own so they should not be naturally forced to do so.

Some things should just be left to our imagination, and in my opinion, this is one of those things. Wolfs and dogs are amazing creatures and should be respected and cared for. This means leaving them to their natural instincts.

Wolves are very majestic creatures. They are also becoming very endangered. Protecting this beautiful ancestor to our modern-day dogs is so important.

If you want to know more about what it would be like to live with wolves and how you can help to protect them watch this amazing documentary from Yes Theory.