Boston Terrier Ear Cropping

Boston Terriers are some of the most friendly, intelligent, and loving dogs that anyone can have! They are known for their small and stocky bodies, their temperament towards other people and dogs that may be near them, and of course their adorable ears!

Ear cropping is a very controversial topic among dog owners; however, it is commonly done on the Boston Terrier breed. Normally, A Terrier’s ears will stand up naturally but if they don’t, owners will oftentimes have their dogs’ ears cropped.

If you are interested to learn more about what ear cropping is, and why Boston Terriers often have it done, keep reading to find out more!

What Is Ear Cropping?

If you are familiar with dogs, you have probably heard of tail docking, but have you ever heard of ear cropping?

Ear cropping is when a dog’s ears are surgically trimmed or “cropped” so that they will stand straight instead of flopping over; ear cropping is usually done solely for cosmetic purposes.

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The procedure’s goal is to change the form of a dog’s external ear shape and form by cutting and shaping the floppy area of the ear.

For Boston Terriers, ear cropping is usually done when the ears won’t stand up because they are too long or wide. After the procedure the ears will normally look smaller and stand up straighter.

NOTE: Ear Cropping can only be done by a professionally licensed veterinarian who performs the surgery while using general anesthesia.

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Most dogs will have their ears cropped at around 8–10 weeks old. Boston Terriers, however, will have their ears cropped at around 4–6 months since their ears take longer than other breeds to stand naturally on their own.

TIP: You wouldn’t want to crop your Boston Terrier’s ears if they were going to stand naturally, they may just be taking longer to stand on their own!

There are many different styles of ear cropping that are done depending on the dog breed. For a Boston Terrier, the ideal shape is for the ear to stand straight and fit the shape of the head nicely (ears are not too wide and not too long).

The entire process of ear cropping from procedure to being completely healed can take up to 8 weeks.

Why Do People Crop Their Boston Terrier’s Ears?

There are many differing opinions on whether or not to crop a Boston Terrier’s ears, some people wonder what the point of the procedure is?

The truth is that a lot of Boston Terrier owners will crop their dogs’ ears because they aren’t standing up straight. This is normally important to owners due to cosmetic purposes.

Boston Terrier ears typically stand up on their own even if they sometimes take longer to do so than other breeds might!

Typically, Boston Terrier Ears will stand up naturally by the time they are 4 months old.

It is oftentimes a concern for Boston Terrier owners when they notice that their dogs’ ears are laying back. The good news is, there is nothing to worry about!

A Boston Terrier’s ears will lay back at around 3–4 months of age when their teeth are growing! And afterward, their ears will normally stand back up on their own!

Boston Terrier Limping

If a Terrier owner notices that after teething, their dogs’ ears aren’t standing up that great on their own. A lot of times instead of cropping, owners will tape their pup’s ears so that they become stronger and stand on their own without any procedures.

NOTE: Boston Terrier owners who notice their dog’s ears are very large, heavy, or floppy will sometimes tape the ears up as early as around 5 weeks of age.

A lot of American Kennel Club (AKC) breeds are known for their straight, perky ears; while the AKC does allow ear cropping for certain breeds, it is not mandatory; however, most owners will have their pups’ ears cropped solely for looks.

Although the AKC does approve ear cropping for some breeds, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) does not approve this procedure.

NOTE: Dogs without cropped ears are just as likely to win at dog shows as dogs with cropped ears are!

There are some other reasons why Boston Terrier owners will have their dog’s ears cropped, here are some of the most common reasons:

  • It is believed that if a dog’s ears droop, it may be more likely to develop ear problems such as infections or ear damage.
  • Moisture becomes trapped in floppy ears; this could cause a growth of bacteria which then leads to infection.
  • The dog may hear better.

There are many reasons why Boston Terrier owners will crop their dog’s ears, and many reasons why they won’t. Here are some of the pros and cons of cropping a Boston Terrier’s ears:


  • May result in overall cleaner ears
  • Ideal shape for the breed standard
  • Less bacteria that is usually caused by moisture becoming trapped in a hanging ear
  • Lower risk of getting ear infections


  • Unnecessary procedure
  • Stress caused by the procedure
  • Hearing loss from infection caused by stitches
  • Anesthesia
  • Ear sensitivity after the procedure
  • More susceptible to dirt, debris, and insects getting inside the ears.
  • Wax buildup
  • Cost of procedure (see below)

It is best to meet with a professional veterinarian if you are considering cropping your Boston Terrier’s ears. The vet can inform you of the risks and benefits of ear cropping.

NOTE: Whether or not your Boston Terrier’s ears are cropped or not, it is always important to keep their ears clean so that no bacteria or infection occurs!  

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Cost Of Boston Terrier Ear Cropping

One of the biggest concerns for Boston Terrier owners who are thinking of having their dog’s ears cropped is the cost of the procedure.

Many factors can influence how expensive it is to have a Boston Terrier’s ears cropped. The price can range from between $150–$600.

Some of the other factors that will influence the price of the ear cropping procedure include:

  • Where you live
  • The experience of the veterinarian who is performing the procedure
  • Staff
  • Tools/Equipment
  • Medicine
  • Aftercare expenses

It is important to note that pet insurance will usually not cover cosmetic procedures and surgeries. This means that the ear cropping procedure will be pricier.

While we strive to give the most accurate and helpful information about your pet’s health that we can, this article is meant to be informational only and not medical advice. Never disregard, avoid or delay in obtaining medical advice from your veterinarian or other qualified veterinary health care provider regardless of what you have read on this site or elsewhere.

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