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17 Reasons Corgi Love is the Best Kind of Love!

Do you know someone who is obsessed with Corgis? Perhaps you are that person!? With good reason, Corgis with their short legs and adorable heart behinds, what’s not to love!

I have to admit I might be one of those people too! Here are 20 Reasons why Corgi Love is the Best Kind of Love!

#1 That Famous Corgi Smile!

Nothing melts your heart and says I love you like that adorable Corgi face turned up in a grin.

You may wonder if your Corgi is actually smiling at you when he stares you down with those adorable upturned cheeks.

While Corgis might not smile for the same reasons their human counterparts smile. When He gives you that world-famous grin you can rest assured that he is feeling happy and zen!

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Corgi Smile Meme Thanks to Melissa A. for your photo.

#2 – Their Tails Wag in Love for Us!

It’s common knowledge that a dog shows its love by wagging its tail. Corgis not only have some of the cutest little rumps around, but also the most adorable tails.

The variety and personality in a Corgis tail is endless!

Whether long or short their tails exude a Corgi’s love! If you want to read about some adorable nicknames Corgi owners have for their dog’s tails Click Here!

#3 – Their Short Stubby Legs!

One of the things owners LOVE most about their adorable Corgis is their short stubby legs. It’s not a Corgi if it doesn’t have short legs. I think this is why Corgis are so cuddly and the best couch potato dogs around. It just takes them a while to get anywhere on those little legs, so why bother.

#4 – The Compounding Love of Multiple Corgis!

If loving one Corgi is so great then having the love of multiple Corgis is even better! Just ask any Corgi Lover and they will tell you. The love and bond that they create with each other are also very rewarding as an owner to see.

Chess Dog 300 x 600

If you are planning on getting more than one Corgi make sure you are ready. Adding another dog to a one-dog household can get a little tricky. This article I wrote can help you with that.

#5 – Corgi Puppy Love!

There is nothing quite as exhilarating and lovely as meeting your new Corgi puppy for the first time! Even though puppies are a ton of work, there is just something about them that makes us fall instantly in love with them and makes that work all worth it in the end.

Corgi Puppy Love!!

#6 – Corgi Mixes are the Cutest!

Did you know that it is near impossible for a Corgi mix to not have the Hallmark adorable Corgi short legs? Short legs in a Corgi are caused by a dwarfism gene and because it is a dominant gene and a retrogene it works to override any other possibility of long legs.

Because I’m a dog lover in general, my love for Corgis goes beyond just purebred Corgis. Corgi mixes are so adorable it’s impossible not to love their sweet little personalities!

#7 – A Sleeping Corgi is Precious & Lovely!

Who doesn’t love taking a nap next to a sleeping Corgi? I know I do! It’s a wonder that anyone who owns a Corgi can get anything done.

Sleeping with/next to your dog is scientifically proven to increase oxytocin in both you and your dog. Oxytocin is dubbed as the “love hormone” and is what we need to bond and feel connected with each other. So next time you want a little extra Corgi Love, snuggle up to your sweet baby and soak it in!

Sleepy Corgi Puppy Love!

#8 – They Have the Ability to Stare Into Your Soul!

Another way to connect with your dog and increase those feelings of love with each other is eye contact. Eye contact is another scientifically proven way to increase the production of oxytocin (the love hormone) in both you and your dog.

Have you ever wondered why those puppy dog eyes are so powerful!?

Why Does My Corgi Stare At Me Like That?

Interestingly when a dog makes eye contact with a stranger it’s usually seen as a threat by the dog and can sometimes promote aggression.

#9 – Their Personalities Exude Their Love for Us!

We all know the famous saying “a dog is a man’s best friend” and yes it is true, especially with Corgis! Corgis are one of the most loyal and loving dog breeds out there. With their natural instincts to herd and care for their owner’s livestock, they will defend and protect until the bitter end.

And where there is loyalty there is love. Corgis tend to pick “their person” and follow them endlessly showing their love and sometimes their obsession every minute of the day.

Another wonderful piece of their personalities is their silly antics and ability to make us laugh!

#10 – Their Round Plump Bodies are Endearing!

Corgis often appear to be round and plump, but in reality, it’s mostly fluff from their thick double-coated fur. Their short legs often compound the look and can trick our brains into loving how cute they are! You will find it hard to convince a die-hard Corgi fan that it is a trick, however.

Their round plump bellies are always ready for a belly rub!

#11 – Corgi Kisses Ooze Love!

One of the most common ways our Corgis show us affection and love is by their sweet or very slobbery kisses. Most owners will take Corgi kisses willingly, but some of us (me included) prefer no kisses on the lips!

An occasional kiss is pretty cute and endearing, but sometimes (although rarely) those kisses can get a little out of hand. If you are overwhelmed in Corgi kisses you can read this article to give you a little help and advice.

Why Does My Corgi Lick Everything?

#12 – Corgi Cuddles!

Cuddling up with our little balls of fur can be so rewarding and give us a big output of love. Science has proven that cuddling with our canine companions can actually increase our feelings of love and well-being. It boosts our mood and helps us feel happy and deal with stress and negative emotions better.

Have you ever come across a cuddling Corgi that seems almost possessive of their human!? Who can’t help but feel loved with such an adorable furball is giving us so much attention.

Not only are they loyal, but if you have ever met a Jealous Corgi you know what I mean. When our dog is protective of us from barking at strangers to giving us the stink eye when someone else sits by us it does truly shows us how much they care.

#13 – Their Faces, Bums, and Bodies Make everything Cuter!

Honestly, what doesn’t look cuter and more lovely with A Corgi on it? If you love Corgis then you will love all these adorable Corgi Collectables!

#14 – They Can Tell us They Love us!

Have you ever heard a Corgi say I love you? They may not know 100% what they are saying, but you can’t tell me that when this sweet corgi doesn’t know that he is communicating love to his owner as he says “I love you.”

Corgi says I LOVE YOU!

#15 – They Have Heart Shaped Bums

One of the most distinguishing features of a Corgi is its heart-shaved bum! Yes, you heard me right, that little heart shape on a corgis backside is an iconic symbol only the Cogi breed can claim.

This “I Love you with all my butt” throw blanket says it perfectly!

Their Bums are so Adorable They’ve Been Made Into Bakery Buns!

Their lovely backends have become so popular that the Corgi Butt Bun is making its way across the world.

The idea originated at a bakery in Japan with jelly and custard stuffed rolls shaped to look like the beautiful backside of a Corgi now, YouTubers and influencers in the dog space everywhere are catching the vision and turning the Corgi Butt Bun into a trend!

#16 The Corgi Sploot!

No other dog breed does it better than the Corgi! That famous Corgi sploot is enough to melt the hardest of hearts. Just in case you aren’t familiar with it a sploot is when your Corgi stretches out all 4 legs and lies on their tummy.

They can go into a carefully planned long drawn out sploot or into a spur of the moment drop to the floor sploot. Any way they do it the Corgi sploot is something that is impossible not to love!

#17 – They Are Perfect, Even When They Are Not!

The best thing about a Corgi is that their love is unconditional! There isn’t much we could do to make them stop loving us and in turn, there isn’t much they could do to stop us from loving them!

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